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Super Soil

In outdoor landscaping and gardening, super soil is the foundation for healthy plant growth. Being high in organic content, it makes care and maintenance much easier since the plants and lawn are healthier from the ground up. So, give yourself a break and get the good stuff: Super Soil.super-soil

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil that has the most nutrients and organic material that has accumulated in the soil over time. Super Soil is above that. Our Super Soil is native, fine-screened topsoil with additional compost mixed in to maximize organic content. This produces a “high test” soil that promotes plant growth and health due to this soil's high organic content. The organic component of the soil is where most of the nutrients are stored, so we increase the available food and soil health for whatever is planted in it. Super Soil will help you grow big, beautiful flowers, plants and lawns with less effort.

Super Soil is mixed locally at our yard. We do not have any sludge in our product, like some other area companies do. There is no glass in either the topsoil or the compost. Stop by and see the product for yourself, you will see the quality.

Super Soil promotes healthy, well-fed plants which make your plants insect- and disease-resistant. A plant under stress will succumb to attack much easier. Super Doil is the perfect medium for growing sumptuous fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Uses of Super Soil

In general, we recommend Super Soil be used outdoors, in landscaping applications. For potting applications, you may want to use our compost mixed with a potting soil since the mix with soil is heavier than a potting mix.

Topdressing a Lawn

Top Dressing smallTop Dressing A Thin Lawn With CompostSuper Soil helps grass grow thicker and easier. It can be used with sod, as a seed cover or when over-seeding.

Super Soil contains high organic content from the compost to keep more water in the root zone. Great for growing sod, both as a seed cover and when over-seeding. Our mix of composted materials and screened topsoil protects grass seed from drying out and contains natural plant nutrients so new grass germinates, comes up fast and fills in quickly. As the sod gets established, the Super Soil helps the grass put down deeper, more vigorous roots for a stronger, more vigorous lawn that should take less maintenance.

Super Soil Lawn Application

For New Lawns: 

Super Soil works as an excellent base for new lawns. Apply 2" to 4" deep then apply seed or lay sod.

For Established Lawns:

Cut the grass short so it will not get matted down. Use Super Soil as a top dressing. This will provide an excellent seed bed. Apply it in a thickness of half-an-inch to an inch. Gently rake the soil in. Apply enough seed since you have already done the hard work. Water the top half-inch of soil lightly and frequently, stand back and watch your grass take off! As one customer told us, "plant the seed while backing up so you do not get knocked over?"  It really takes days for the seed to germinate.

Super Soil as a Garden Amendment

The compost portion will help to break up clay and improve sandy soils. If the soil is too sandy, it will help hold water for the roots. The screened soil component of Super Soil helps correct deficiencies you may have in the native soil. The result is an ideal growing environment for flowers and vegetables. With real sandy soil, you may want to add just bulk compost, not Super Soil.

For planting individual plants, shrubs and trees, dig a hole twice as wide as the container or the root ball. For amending beds, apply a 3-inch layer and work into the top 6 inches of the soil. Next, mix the Super Soil with the native soil to a depth of 6 inches with a shovel, spade fork or rototiller. Plant seeds or live plants following specific package or plant tag instructions. Water the area thoroughly after planting, then water daily. For good water retention, cover the area with mulch. Adding 2 inches of straight compost can be great mulch.

Using our straight compost as mulch will feed the garden worms and insects, reduce the need for watering and, over time, it will get mixed into the soil. Compost provides a dark, rich, attractive appearance for garden beds conserves water and prevents weeds naturally. Spread a 2-inch layer over exposed soil areas and around plants.

Raised Beds

Super Soil is the material of choice when constructing raised planting beds for flowers or vegetables. The goal is to grow the best plants you can. Add Super Soil to new or existing gardens where the bed is to be built. Apply as much as needed to achieve the desired height.

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